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Do you make goals for yourself?


I used to make excessive and elaborate goals for myself at the beginning of each new year.

Many were health-related (from both a physical and mental health perspective), some were professional goals, and some were as simple as “have more fun”.

What I’ve discovered is that to be attainable, a goal has to be realistic, specific, and time-limited.


Which may explain why my goal of “Meeting George Clooney at Lake Como for champagne someday never worked out.



So, for 2018, I’ve made a list of specific writing and personal (though not too personal!) goals for myself:

  • Read 150 books (oh my!)
  • Continue to read and take whatever courses I can get my hands on in order to improve my writing
  • Organize joint events with other authors in June, both to promote the launch of THE FRAME UP and frankly to meet some of my author friends in real life!
  • Do more school visits – I love talking to kids about books and reading and writing
  • Edit my next book for Greenwillow Books and complete at least one more middle grade novel
  • Stop being shy about promoting myself and my books
  • See my agent Lauren in person again!
  • Stay in my own lane. In other words, I’m going to try really hard to do me this year and NOT try to do anyone else!
  • Fall in love with writing again! This may mean giving myself permission to work on little side projects that will never see the light of day!
  • Be joyful and remember what a gift it is that people are willing to read my work
  • More giveaways!

Next week is my birthday week, so stay tuned, I’m going to come up with a fantastic January book giveaway for you!

Any goals you’re willing to share? I’d love to hear!



Author of Children's Literature