The Frame-Up

June 5th 2018

The Frame-Up - Bookcover


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December 30, 2013: my op-ed piece at the Globe and Mail about chucking it all to try and become a children’s book author

July 21, 2015: Publisher’s Weekly announced that my debut novel, It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! will be published by Sky Pony Press

March 22, 2016: The Winged Pen Blog recently interviewed me about my journey to publication!

April 4, 2016: The Daily Gleaner interviewed me about my new career!

July 14, 2016: Author Melissa Roske puts me under the microscope using the famous Proust Questionnaire!

September 11, 2016: Blogger Jamie Kramer featured It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! on her wonderful blog!

September 13, 2016: Publisher’s Weekly’s Children’s Bookshelf announced my two-book deal with Harper Collins’ Greenwillow Books Imprint:


September 26, 2016:  Author Jonathan Rosen interviewed me over at the Tuesday Writers blog 

September 30, 2016: I’m featured on the Swanky Seventeen Website in their regular Meet the Author post. 

October 7, 2016: I’m featured in the Fall Issue of the University of New Brunswick’s Alumni News!

December 7, 2016: I’m over at Pop Goes The Reader talking about what the holiday season means to me!

February 2, 2017: I’m interviewed by the Telegraph Journal!

March 23, 2017!- I’m interviewed over at I Write for Apples blog.

April 5-8! It’s a Mystery, Pig-Face! the  town read for the inaugural St. Stephen StoryFest!

April 11, 2017: It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! in the news!

April 2017: I’m presenting at the Frye Literary Festival – read all about it here

August 11, 2017: I’m inducted into the Chocolate Lover’s Society!

September 8, 2017: It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! reviewed by Atlantic Books Today!

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