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It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! Chosen as a Best Book of the Year!



Am so happy to announce that It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! has been chosen by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s as one of its Best Books for Kids and Teens 2017!



It’s a real honour to be included in a “best of” list by such a prestigious organization, and it’s fun that Pig Face is right beside his good friend Holly Farb, written by the wonderful Gareth Wronski!


The funny thing is, when you write a book you have no idea if other people will like it.

So I’m happy to end 2017 on such a high note and looking forward (I hope!) to making next year’s list with my next book, The Frame-Up!

And yes, Pig Face makes a wonderful holiday gift!



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Lynda Homer

Fantastic news!! And well deserved Wendy. I really admire you. You’ve written a delightful children’s book and you are actually making your dreams come true. Congratulations to you!!!!


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