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My First Author’s Panel!


It turns out I love to talk…

This is no surprise to someone who knows me well, but if I am being perfectly honest, I am less comfortable when it comes to talking about my writing. In fact, I often feel downright shy.



This past weekend I had the chance to participate in a debut author’s panel at the Canadian Writer’s Summit.

I prepared my Q&As in advance and worried over them.

And then the panel started and I sort of kept to my notes, but sort of didn’t. Mostly I just talked to the 40+ people in the audience. I joked, I was serious, I was probably even confused once or twice.

And I had such a good time!

It helped that I was on a panel with four other authors, all of whom are amazing, talented women:

  • Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, author of Firsts
  • Catherine Lo, author of How it Ends
  • Jenny Manzer, author of Save me Kurt Cobain
  • Jennifer DiGiovanni, author of My Senior Year of Awesome


We had such a good time and I think (hope) our audience appreciated our enthusiasm and information.

I’m ready for my next panel!



6 thoughts on “My First Author’s Panel!”


Wendy, so glad it went so well for you AND that you had fun!?
What an exciting time and what a great group of debut authors to be with on your first panel!

Wendy McLeod MacKnight

Melissa – we have to find a way to do a panel or a reading together next year!!!!


Sounds like fun– sorry I missed it! I’m sure you pulled it off wtih great aplomb.

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