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Pig-Face Has a Publication Date

Houston, we have a date!

For everyone who’s been asking (and thank you for your interest!), It’s a Mystery, Pig-Face has an official publication date: February 7, 2017. While that’s still a ways away, it’s awesome to have a date and now I can do some serious planning around giveaways, launches, etc.

In less than one year, Pig-Face, Tracy and Ralph will be out in the world!  I can’t wait! And St. Stephen, you’re a big character in the book, too!


Coming soon: cover reveal!

6 thoughts on “Pig-Face Has a Publication Date”


Woo-hoo! This is marvelous news!! I think it’s amazing how long this whole process actually takes. All your hard work+inspiration will result in A BOOK!

Funny thing– I have to fly to Houston in a few days…

Dixie Lee Mitchell

This is really great news. Congrats, Wendy. I am anxious to read it and hubby will love the fact that St. Stephen plays a huge role. I will be waiting for it.

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