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Six Months to Publication! Time to Pre-Order The Book!


Holy Marks Street* Mania!

It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! comes out in 6 months!!!


Pig-Face Cover

* I grew up on Marks Street in St. Stephen and Tracy and Pig Face coincidentally live there, too

That probably seems like a long time to you, but it’ll pass in a blink of an eye for me!

But six months isn’t too early to pre-order the book!

Why pre-order?

Pre-orders are important because they become part of the first week sales of the book. If you order the book now, it will help boost the book’s initial sales, which in turn creates buzz. Buzz is important; buzz leads to interest and sales and potentially, more books!  More books are always good, don’t you think? I think yes, especially if they are books set in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, my hometown!

As well, if a lot of people pre-order It’s a Mystery, Pig Face!, the publisher is likely to increase its first run of the book and book sellers are more likely to order more copies from the publisher. More copies means more books sold.

Do I feel weird asking you to pre-order my book?


I’m a first-time author. This book is a BIG deal to me and I’ve worked really hard on it!  And don’t you want to get in on the ground floor of a big dream? Thought so!

In the coming months I’ll have advanced copies to give away, and some other treats, but right now, you pre-ordering the book will make a huge difference!

Remember: WINTER IS COMING. February 7th, 2017 is coming faster than you think!


Oh heck, enjoy the summer, knowing you can curl up with Pig Face in February.

Think of pre-ordering as your Valentine to me and to Pig Face!

Hey wait – what a great Valentine’s Day present this book would make!


And for those of you who’ve already ordered: THANK YOU!

And for those of you who have read this shameless plug – THANK YOU!

Click on the links below to pre-order your copy today!


Barnes and Noble


Or ask your local bookstore to pre-order you a copy!

Go Pig Face!

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Wendy McLeod MacKnight

I know!!!! It seemed like a long time, but now time is speeding up!

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