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The Writer’s Life


Sometimes a writer’s life can be lonely.

I blame the blizzard for my current feeling of melancholy, for when I look out the window all I see is snow, snow, snow.

Still, I am in the throes of drafting and revising so am pretty much tied to my computer these days, with the odd break on the treadmill and a bit of yoga to work out the kinks, for there is always a deadline when you are a writer.

(Well not always, but ideally).

In my old life, I worked nearly 80 hours a week, 50-60 of which were spent in meetings with other people. Now I find myself longing for a meeting! My one respite during the workweek is a standing coffee date with friends, and I cling to that coffee date like grim death.

The strange thing about writing full-time is that you’re alone, but you’re also not alone. Right now I am living in 1802 for a good chuck of every day. Soon I will be full-swing into editorial changes for book number two and will be back at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery with Sargent Singer and Mona Dunn.


I am also percolating a picture book idea.

Still, company is a requirement, which is why so many authors, myself included, are so active on social medial. Whenever I feel particularly lonely I can pop online and see what’s up. Nothing like sharing your misery or triumphs with like-minded individuals to keep you going.

For those of you who work at home alone, I’d love to hear your ideas as to how you keep from going stir-crazy!

In the meantime, I dream of spring…


2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Life”

Sally J. Pla

I share your sentiments completely, my friend! And I love those quotations you’ve included. In order to share/create human connection (which is the point of writing, I think), one needs self-imposed isolation.

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