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Coming March 2020

Book Deal Announcement and Why Teachers Matter

I promise not to talk much about my book for a long while, but can’t help but be excited about the announcement yesterday about my book.

I got lots of nice congratulatory messages, but you know which one meant the most? The one from my elementary school teacher, Mrs. Garnett.

I literally assaulted Mrs. Garnett with my poetry and my stories when I was in her class.  I think of how excited I was about writing and how she always seemed so excited about it, too.  If you don’t think a teacher can make all the difference in someone’s life, I would have to beg to differ.  Mrs. Garnett’s enthusiasm for me and all her students changed my life.

I kind of think all the congratulatory love I got yesterday belongs to her, too… Thank you Mrs. Garnett!


Author of Children's Literature