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Losing Your Power and Getting it Back!


I lost my power for a couple of days this past week after a huge windstorm.


I can’t complain: we only only lost power for two days and have a generator, so we were able to stay warm and our food wasn’t ruined. Many more New Brunswickers were without power for many days and a few still don’t have power five days later.

It was okay for me – I hunkered down and have been working on edits for my latest book.

But I also did a couple of days of school visits – one day in person, the other day virtually – and talk about getting your batteries restored!

On Tuesday I visited Sunny Brae Middle School in Moncton and spent the day talking to kids from grades six and seven about my books, writing, and reading.



It was so much fun and I felt so invigorated to get home and start writing again!

On Wednesday, I spent a good part of the day skyping with students from Hesston Middle School in Kansas!

I’m a mentor as part of the wonderful #kidsneedmentors MG author program, and this was our “meet and greet”! They asked all kinds of amazing questions and inspired me!

Two weeks ago, I did a similar exercise with students from Hartford Upper Elementary School in Iowa, who also had wonderful questions.

I never cease to be amazed by the enthusiasm and excitement of young readers and writers! They are the reason I write. And their passionate teachers are awe-inspiring!

So I may not have had any power for a couple of days, but I am fully charged and ready to fly!



Many thanks to the teachers and the schools listed above! It is privilege to work with you!!!!


Have an awesome weekend!!!





Author of Children's Literature