The Copy Cat

Coming March 2020


“In writing, you must kill all your darlings.”
William Faulkner

Some writers hate revisions. Some love them.

I think I am somewhere in between.

I recently got feedback from my beta readers. Not all of the comments were consistent, but they were consistent in that they helped me realize that a lot was not working with my Work in Progress.

Rather than being daunted, I felt recharged.

I have spent the last few days re-imagining the plot, coming up with ways to make things both simpler and more satisfying. I am excited again!

And there is rewriting in my future, considerable rewriting. But in the end, I want my book to be the best book it can be. I owe my readers nothing less.

But why is it that we writers so often need an independent person(s) to jog us into this serious revision phase? I don’t know about you, but I so often need that kick in the butt to take my book to the next level!

Author of Children's Literature