Coming March 2020

The Copy Cat


Seriously. How did this happen?

I am finally on the home stretch re: my work-in-progress.

Every time I write a new book it’s like I’m learning to write all over again.

While it could be me, it could also be that every book wants to be written in its own way.

I have this dream of being a plotter, but the (sad?) truth is that I KNOW I am mostly a pantser who starts with an interesting idea and then rewrites it completely four times.

Fine. I can live with that.

I’m about to pass it into my agent (I hope!), then have another project to write and another project to research. I like having multiple things on the go.

I’m hoping to complete my initial research by November 1, because there is nothing I love more than participating in NaNoWriMo.

I just love the camaraderie and comfort of knowing that thousands of people are also drafting a novel at the same time I am.

I get asked all the time how I get my ideas.

I’d like to say they come easy, but that isn’t true. Sometimes I worry an idea for months, like a dog worrying a bone, until there is enough there for me to put some meat on the bone. (What is it with all the bone analogies here?)

I’ve also got some classes and schools I’m mentoring this fall, and if someone is looking for me to visit their classroom via Skype, drop me a line! I love to do Skype visits and they are always no charge! I also do Skype visits with book clubs!

I’m also teaching a writing class at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery on the afternoon of October 16th, so if you’re interested, Contact the front desk at or by calling (506) 458-2028.

And soon enough, I will be hosting an Advanced Reader Copy giveaway here on this site! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful rest of September!

Author of Children's Literature