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Wendy’s List of The YA she read and loved in 2016


Last week we talked about middle grade novels I read and loved in 2016, now it’s time to turn my attention to

Young Adult Novels!

First a caveat: I’ve read well over a hundred and fifty books this year, and there are more waiting on my shelves and in my kindle for me to get to them, but there are many more books I am anxious to read that I just haven’t gotten to yet!  So this list is based solely on what I’ve read so far and loved!

More and more, I live by the motto

So many books, so little time…


So now, in no particular order are my recommended YA books of 2016!


beyond-the-redthe girl who fell symptoms of being human dig too deepjerkbaitsave me kurt cobainshallow how-to-hang-a-witch the-reader mosquitolandconsidergeminigirl-in-pieceshow-it-endsstudy-in-charlottesummers-of-supernovasthe-first-time-she-drownedthe-loose-ends-listthe-only-thingthe-serpent-king wandering-wildthis-is-where-it-endswhere-futures-endsword-and-versethe-girl-from-everywherecrossing-the-line crowns-gameup-to-this-pointestalking-jack-the-ripperthe-sun-is-also-a-startimekeeper1secrets

If you’re still looking for other great YA to read, by all means, pop over to The Sweet Sixteens website, where you’ll discover all kinds of wonderful books!

Next Week: A few more books I loved this year….





6 thoughts on “Wendy’s List of The YA she read and loved in 2016”


I know I keep harking back to really old books, but I loved the original “Cheaper by the Dozen” and just recommended it to my HS aged son. I’ll let you know how that goes : )


I LOVED the All – of – a Kind books! I thought I was the only one who read them. None of my friends know what I am talking about when I bring them up. I knew we were kindred spirits. That, and” Betsey, Tacy and Tib”, of course!

Wendy McLeod MacKnight

Those books and Fiddler on the Roof have left me with an abiding desire to be Jewish! That is so funny – we were in different place in the world and reading the same stuff!

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