The Copy Cat

Coming March 2020

I’m Back!

WOW – that was a LOOOOONG break!

But it’s almost November and I’m raring to go once more!

I’ve been walking a lot in the woods this fall – for mental, physical and for inspiration for my Work in Progress!

This year has been hard on lots of people.

Including me.

It’s been nearly 9 months since I fell and got a mild concussion, and I’m finally getting my mojo back – writing, writing, writing, reading, reading reading!

I will never take those two things for granted every again!

For years, I’ve been reading writerly advice that never seemed a fit for me – just put your butt in the seat and write – because until my fall, it all just flowed. It wasn’t all good, but it flowed.

But then it didn’t.

And the only way out was to rest and put my butt in the chair and try. And try again. It turns out, Anne Lamott knew what she was talking about all along, LOL:

I’m almost finished a second draft of my latest middle grade novel and am revising two picture books. And feeling oh-so-grateful!

When will you see them? Who knows. But I’m awfully glad they exist!

Now back to you!

You’ve been wonderfully patient, and that patience deserves a reward. So stay tuned for next Friday when I’ll announce a special holiday giveaway just for blog readers (and p.s. – they’ll be another one on twitter, too, and you’re eligible to enter for both!) as a thank you for sticking with me this year!

Onwards and upwards!

xo Wendy

Author of Children's Literature