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Coming March 2020

On Writing


I am in the throes of writing a new book.



Every time I begin a new book, I forget how hard it is to write a new book.

You’d think after having two books published, one in the queue and six more squirrelled away in my computer and likely never to be seen again, it would get easy.

But here’s what I’m learning this time:

Planning helps, but you still have a horrible first draft in the end that you wouldn’t want to show your dog. Especially the dog below, who in my opinion, is a bit of a genius…




There is no need to know everything in draft one.


I used to stop along the way and make changes. No more.

Can’t remember a name? I leave an X.

Need to do more research? I leave myself a note and tell myself to do it.

I just need to get the words down.



Write Every Day When Revising



No, I didn’t want to, but by writing every day, I’ve managed to write this new book in about 40 days.


Get Excited About Revising.

What I learned after the last book was that revising is the most satisfying thing.

What changed to make me think that?

Two things: I realize how much better my stories can be with careful revising and I found this book:



I wish I’d found Sandra Scofield about five years ago, but never mind, she’s with me now.  This book kicks my butt in the best way and makes me excited to start revising!


And finally:


Realize It’s Not Supposed to Be Easy





I used to fantasize that the words would just flow out of me in one, brilliant piece of literature.

Uh, No….

Now I picture my reader when I write, and I think about the books that are effortless to read, thanks to the author’s care and efforts.

I want to be that kind of author.

So bring on the revising — I’m ready!



Author of Children's Literature