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Teacher David Marsh’s The Frame-Up BookTalk Trailer and #THEFRAMEUPBOOKTOUR goes to ChocolateFest!


Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know Texas Elementary School Teacher David Marsh and I can say unequivocally that he is a passionate educator!

David’s class got an early ARC of The Frame-Up, and have read It’s a Mystery, Pig Face!

This Spring, we did a SKYPE visit and it was so much fun!

I expect more shenanigans with his class this fall, but suffice to say, this teacher GETS why reading is so critical for kids and he is a tireless champion of literacy and learning.

So imagine my delight when David created a BookTalk video about The Frame-Up?  I’ve watched this video four times and I laugh out loud every time!  When I was a kid, I would have been thrilled to have a teacher like Mr. Marsh!

For your viewing pleasure:




How amazing is that? Kind of makes you want to visit The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, doesn’t it?




The Frame-Up Book Tour

The Frame-Up Book tour rolls on this summer with a morning in St. Stephen, New Brunswick where picture book author Lana Button (go visit her site and buy her wonderful books here) and I did a morning talk/reading to about 75 interested kids and their parents.

And oh, we sold a few books, too!!!

Sincere thanks to Lana for setting this up, and to #ChocolateFest and the St. Croix Public Library for hosting us!  It was so much fun to be home!!!


My favourite librarian, Elva Hatt!



Stay tuned, because September is going to be a very busy month for The Frame-Up!

Meanwhile, I’m writing another book and having so much fun!!!! Stay tuned for more on that!

Have a great week!


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