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Coming March 2020

The Joy of Wordless Picture Books


I don’t know about you, but the holiday season always seems like the perfect time of year to add to my picture book collection.  (Well actually, any time of year seems like a good time of year to add to my picture book collection, but never mind…)

And one of my favourite genres is the wordless picture book.


This is the ultimate example of how wonderful illustrations can tell a story.

It’s also a wonderful reading experience, curling up with a child and together, you and they add your own spin to the story.

When my children were young, they were crazy about Peter Spier’s wordless picture books:




Other wonderful options:


Zoom, by Istvan Banyai



The Red Book by Barbara Lehman



This year, I’ve added a new wordless picture book to my collection, one that combines two of my favourite things: The Nutcracker and Author/Illustrator Elly MacKay.



Most of you know that Elly is one of my favourite illustrators. Her work is magical, and her latest book, THE WALTZ OF THE SNOWFLAKES, doesn’t disappoint.



The illustrations are absolutely glorious, and I can imagine many children poring over this book and inventing their own dialogue between the two main characters, a young boy and a young girl, who are initially reluctant, then enthralled, to attend the ballet.

I always want to step right into Elly’s worlds, and this book is no different. You can watch the short You Tube video below to see how she does the incredible world she does:

Want to buy Elly’s latest book?




And please, share your favourite wordless picture book titles with me! Would love to add to my collection!

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