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Coming March 2020

I’ve got Exciting News (and am celebrating with a Book Giveaway!


Guess what?


I’m going to be the Artist in Residence at The Beaverbrook Art Gallery from November 19th to December 16th!



Expect special tours, talks and pop in to watch me tear my hair out as I edit book #3 on deadline!!!


I can’t wait to see you!  And in honour of this wonderful opportunity, I’m giving away a copy of The Frame-Up, along with a copy of It’s a Mystery Pig Face!, bookmarks, and a Merrymaking Christmas ornament!  Just leave a comment below by November 1st end of day and you’re entered to win!



Have a great week!





12 thoughts on “I’ve got Exciting News (and am celebrating with a Book Giveaway!”

Jean Anne Green

So excited to be reading this with our grade six students this year. Looking forward to visiting the gallery as well- hopefully when you are there !!!

John Smith

Congratulations on the cool residency! I’m sure the art gallery will be inspiring!

Donna Watson

Hi Wendy, I really enjoy your books espically “The Frame-Up” and am enjoying introducing them to the students in my school library. We could use another copy!


Congratulations! It sounds like you have a really great relationship with the museum. What’s the third book about?

Wendy McLeod MacKnight

It’s about a girl who has the ability to change into anything. Which sounds like it would be great, but poses a lot of challenges!

Tracy Mitchell

Congratulations, not everyone is given the opportunity to be The Artist in Residence, what an honor!

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