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The Frame-Up Characters and Locales: Merrymaking


One of the most popular paintings at the Beaverbrook Art Galley is Merrymaking.



Merrymaking, Cornelius Krieghoff, 1860, oil on canvas


This locale, home to the White Horse Inn, is very important to the plot of The Frame-Up.

The painting is one of the paintings to be restored by the strange art restorer, Archibald Sneely, and is home to dozens of gallery residents.

Mona Dunn escapes into this painting at a critical point in the story, only to find herself surrounded by a less genteel group of individuals.


Merrymaking, painted by Canadian Cornelius Krieghoff in 1860, was one of the most popular paintings in the art gallery and Mona knew why: it was the perfect French Canadian Christmas card, thanks to the party at the White Horse Inn, the snow, and the sleighs. Mona had never been in the painting, but she’d spent many evenings outside the frame, listening to the lively accordions and fiddles, wishing she could go for a sleigh ride.


I knew from the very beginning that Merrymaking needed to be in the book.

A careful examination of the painting shows us that there is quite a lot going on, and some of it seems less than Christmas-card-like.

In fact, there were too many story possibilities in the painting not to include it!

It’s a lively painting, and very accessible, so its no wonder it’s a patron favourite!

As with the last two paintings, it’s worth taking a look at the book cover again. Who knows what you might spot there?





4 thoughts on “The Frame-Up Characters and Locales: Merrymaking”

John Smith

I want to get Christmas cards of this, but I can’t find any online. If Christmas cards exist at the museum, or at least postcards, maybe that could be a great contest–since cards/envelopes or postcards could be sent in slightly larger envelopes for not too much money, maybe there could be a lot of winners! Maybe 25? Just an idea–I’ll keep searching online!

Wendy McLeod MacKnight

Hi John,

I know the Beaverbrook have postcards, but I’ll look into that for you! And yes, am planning a few goodies like cards to give away as the release date gets closer, so thanks for the idea!

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